What is it? The “Worldvision Cytopathology Contest” (WCC) is a new global outreach initiative of the American Society of Cytopathology (ASC). WCC plans to provide a platform for fostering close relationship between ASC and various international professional cytopathology organizations. It will offer exchange of scientific knowledge and goodwill by offering a unique cytopathology competition and an award to the winner at the ASC’s Annual Scientific Meeting. The presenters, who would compete in the WCC, will present an interesting cytopathology case and would offer practical take-home points and/or new highlights on innovations in cytomorphology or ancillary techniques.

What are the rules of the contest: The contest is open to medical students, pathology residents, cytopathology fellows, cytotechnology students or a junior pathologist or cytotechnologist within one year of completion of training. The presenter is the first author of the proposal. The submitted case must not have been published before the presentation at the ASC Meeting.

Five finalists will be chosen. The finalist will be from five different countries

Each finalist will have 10 minutes to present.

The five finalists will describe themselves with a short video including some interesting facts about their country such as culture and geography and possibly their healthcare system.

How is the winner determined? By a panel of judges based on the scientific content, presentation style and skills, and confidence when handling questions at the end of the presentation.

What is the award? All five finalists will receive a waived registration at the ASC meeting along. The winner will get a wall plaque and a USD 250 cash award.

Where will the contest be held? The first contest will be held during the American Society of Cytopathology 67th Annual Scientific Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

When will the contest be held?  It will be in November 14-17, 2019

What is the application process? You may apply for the contest online. Deadline for application is May 15, 2019. Applicant will be informed of the status by mid July 2019, and the finalists will be invited to compete in November 2019.