Handout Information


Handouts - NEW this year

The ASC is offering all registrants a link to access all handouts from the entire Annual Scientific Meeting to view electronically. We encourage presenters to submit a handout for attendees to view on the electronic link. Presenters who coordinate their remarks and their handout materials receive better evaluations from attendees in the area of relevance to their job, as well as satisfaction with the session overall. The presenter’s disclosure must be on their handout(s). The handout MUST be a .pdf of the PowerPoint presentation and/or an additional document(s).
Please email your completed .pdf handout(s) to the ASC National Office by October 1, 2010. Attendees will be emailed the handout link prior to the Meeting. Attendees will have the option to print relevant handouts. The ASC National Office will not be printing handouts for any session this year. If you plan on bringing printing handouts to your session, you must still submit it electronically to  the ASC National Office.

If the ASC National Office has not received your handout or been notified by October 1, 2010, your honorarium/reimbursement will be forfeited.