Types of Annual Meeting Sessions Offered

Scientific Sessions

The ASC Annual Scientific Meeting provides a high quality forum for the continuing education of the professional cytopathology community.  Scientific Sessions encompass three days of panel discussions, invited lecturers and platform presentations. The presentations represent all aspects of cytopathology.  The Scientific Sessions feature many different components, described below:

  • Papanicolaou Address – The 30-minute Address is presented annually by the Papanicolaou Award recipient.  The Award is the highest award given by the Society and is presented to a physician who is recognized for his/her meritorious contributions to the field of cytology. 
  • Current Issues in Cytology The session focuses on new areas or unresolved problems in cytology and is usually presented as a panel discussion. The length of the session is 2 hours with a one-hour break.
  • Guest Speaker A speaker appropriate for the location or timing of the Meeting.  This Session is 1 hour.
  • State of the Art Symposium – The Symposium is designed to provide in depth information on important topics in cytology.  The length of the session is 2.5 hours with a one-hour break.
  • Innovation and Trends in Medicine – The Session focuses on new technologies and advances in cytology and is usually presented as a panel discussion.  The Session is scheduled for 1.5 hours. 
  • Leopold Koss Lectureship Features a prominent icon in the medical field who shares a dedication and commitment to furthering humanities.  This session is 1 hour.
  • Diagnostic Cytology Seminar – The Seminar provides the opportunity for attendees to make diagnostic decisions and compare their decisions with nationally known experts.  The length of the Seminar is 2.5 hours with a one-hour break.

Video Microscopy Tutorials

Video Microscopy Tutorials are small group sessions that give participants a chance to interact with experts in the field.  The duration is 90 minutes. The sessions provide the participants an opportunity to discuss the topics in a less formal group. Interesting cases on specific topics are reviewed using a video microscope projected on to a screen, similar to cases being reviewed in the hospital on a multi-headed microscope. A second screen for the simultaneous projection of a PowerPoint presentation will be provided.  There is only one presenter per session in this format.

Panel Luncheon Seminar

The Panel Luncheon Seminars are interactive groups formatted around a single topic and presented by nationally known experts. A panel of experts in certain subject areas is identified, each giving a brief presentation.  After each talk, the other panelists may become discussants of the material just offered.  At the conclusion of the presentations, the audience is given an opportunity to ask questions of the entire panel.

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussions are 90-minute sessions that give participants a chance to interact with experts in the field.  The sessions provide the participants an opportunity to discuss the topics in a smaller, less formal group.  The tables will be spaced adequately for intimate discussions on different topics.  There is one speaker per Roundtable Discussion who acts as facilitator and at least 3, but no more than 9 participants.  Participants can register for one topic and are not permitted to switch tables.

Special Course

These sessions will focus on morphologic criteria used in interpreting cytopathology specimens. A variety of specimen types will be covered in two separate sessions; one will deal with exfoliative cytology and the other with FNA cytology. Each session will include four, 45-minute lectures.

Cytology Workshops

The Cytology Workshops are quality non-microscopic sessions on various topics in small interactive groups. The workshop concept emphasizes interaction and exchange of information on a specific topic among a small number of participants.  A non-microscopic workshop room is set as lecture style with a capacity of 40 attendees. The duration of each workshop is 2 hours, with no intervening break.

Presidents’ Rounds

Past presidents of the ASC will give 90-minute educational or motivational seminars to groups of 20 attendees. The basic theme is to let ASC members interact with our nationally recognized leaders in an informal “close” atmosphere and also to recognize and honor the past presidents for their years of mentorship and education.

Program Faculty Seminar

The 2010 Program Faculty Seminar offers an interactive menu of subjects that covers ways to deliver content in Cytotechnology and Cytopathology Programs while also addressing scenarios that may help to guide the education and practice skills of future cytology students.