Speaker Handouts

  • Handouts will remain on the site for a few months after the meeting’s conclusion.
  • Meeting registrants will receive a link with all session handouts prior to the 65th Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • Handouts are required for all formats offering CME/SAM credits.
  • Please be sure to use these three ASC PowerPoint template slides at the beginning of your presentation
  • Please use this ASC cover page for your handouts
  • Please upload your handouts to the Speaker Portal by November 3, 2017.

Handout Specifications

  • Maximum file size is 30MB.
  • File format preference is .pdf to minimize the sharing/manipulation of information (.jpg, .jpeg is also acceptable)
  • Please do not download your PowerPoint presentation.  We suggest converting your PowerPoint presentation into a 3 or 6-slide per page .pdf handout and adding the ASC cover page.
  • If you are not using PowerPoint (i.e. roundtables), please put session information, objectives and references into a pdf.
  • Please include all speaker(s) disclosures on the cover of your handout in order to comply with ACCME regulations.
  • The ASC will not be collecting handouts outside of the speaker portal.  Attendees can download directly from the site.
  • You have the capability to upload more than one file to accompany your PowerPoint if needed.  Please add the ASC’s cover page to any additional files, noting disclosures.
  • You will be able to update your files as needed.  Attendees must have session materials to claim credits, and  many prefer to receive materials in advance of the meeting.  Please be sure to upload the most recent file to the speaker portal prior to leaving for Phoenix.
  • If you are planning on printing your handouts and bringing copies to the meeting, the electronic file should still be uploaded to the Speaker Portal.


Any questions, please contact Sondra Forman at

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