Diagnostic Cytology Seminar Cases

Diagnostic Cytology Seminar

Paul N. Staats, MD
Jenna Benson, MS, CT(ASCP)

Michael H. Roh, MD, PhD
Sara E. Monaco, MD
Christopher J. VandenBussche, MD, PhD
Sean A. McNair, MPH, CT(ASCP)

Submit your diagnoses by October 27th.

Case #1

Clinical History:

88-year-old woman. LMP: PM. Patient presented with a vaginal mass and post-menopausal bleeding. ThinPrep Pap Test slide.

Case #2

Clinical History:

55-year-old male with multiple lung masses. History of head and neck cancer.  The largest is 9 cm, involving lung, chest wall, and rib.  The slides are from a transbronchial FNA of the chest wall mass.

Case #3

Clinical History:

45-year-old female with a 3.5 cm submandibular mass. History of renal failure on dialysis, no history of malignancy. The slide is from an FNA of the submandibular mass.

Case #4

Clinical History:

47-year-old female with a prominent right axillary lymph node, s/p incision and drainage of a right axillary abscess 9 months ago.  The slides are from an FNA of the right axillary lymph node.

Case #5

Clinical History:

86-year-old man with cervical lymphadenopathy. Previous history of papillary thyroid carcinoma with lymph node metastasis. Slides are from ThinPrep (Pap Stain) and FNA smear (Pap stain) of zone 5 cervical lymph node on the right side of the neck.

Case #6

Clinical History:

82-year old male with multiple liver masses.  History of prostate cancer.  The slides are from an FNA (Diff Quik) and touch prep (Pap) of a liver mass.

Case #7

Clinical History:

59-year-old male with solitary liver mass and an ill-defined possible pancreatic mass.  The slides are from an EUS-guided FNA of the liver mass.

Case #8

Clinical History:

54-year-old male with a lytic mass of right acromion.  The slides are from an FNA of the mass.

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