Self-Assessment Module (SAM) Information

The 60th Annual Scientific Meeting offers sessions requiring completion of a post-test to test knowledge of participants, in order to receive SAM credits.

The SAMs are REQUIRED for:

  • All Video Microscopy Tutorials
  • All Workshops
  • All Panel Luncheon Seminars
  • The two “Challenges in Diagnostic Cytomorphology” Sessions
  • Select Scientific Sessions (Innovations & Trends in Medicine, State of the Art Symposium, Current Issues in Cytology & Diagnostic Cytology Seminar)


The ASC gets audited by the American Board of Pathology for quality SAMs, so these must be taken seriously to keep our accreditation.  As speakers for the ASC, you are agreeing to provide quality SAMs questions and will make any edits to them per the Scientific Program Committee, after review.

SAMs consist of Questions/Answers, short explanations of the correct answer and any relevant references, in order for registrants to get feedback. It should be about 5 per SAM hour, but can be more.  Any sessions with more than 1.5 SAMs credit should have more questions.

The CE Oversight Committee is requesting these early this year, in order to get reviewed and produce quality SAMs.  The ASC National Office will email all speakers soon, who are required to provide SAMs, a link to enter Questions/Answers directly into the system.

Please review this Quick Webinar, by Dr. Diane Davey, about tips for writing assessment questions and the necessary format needed and pass it to any speakers in your sessions to review as a guide.

SAMs are due to be entered into the link received through email by September 4th.

Please email if you have questions.