Speaker Handouts

Electronic Handouts* – DUE October 2, 2011

  1. Registrants receive a link with all session handouts prior to the Annual Meeting, and remain available after the meeting, with ability to print.  The preferred format is a text handout accompanied by the PowerPoint file of your presentation.
  2. Moderators are responsible for the collection of material from individual speakers and submission via or a CD to the ASC.  Please do not allow individual speakers to submit their portions of the handout directly to ASC.
  3. The presenter’s disclosure must be on their handout(s) and presentation. 
  4. PDF files are not acceptable for the text portion or the PowerPoint.  Please let us know if your PowerPoint presentation was prepared on a MAC.  All PowerPoint presentations will be converted to a PDF before they are placed on the website. 
  5. The deadline is critical in order to process all materials and have it ready to upload on the web site before the Annual Meeting. 

*The ASC National Office will not be printing handouts for any session this year.  If you plan on bringing printing handouts to your session, you must still submit it electronically to the ASC National Office.  If the ASC National Office has not received your handout or been notified by October 2, 2011, your honorarium/reimbursement may be forfeited.