Disclosure Information

Speaker Disclosure

The ASC National Office will send a disclosure request, if it has not already been submitted. Speakers will be notified.

All speakers are required to submit their disclosure and any conflicts of interest to the ASC National Office and display them on their presentation and handouts. Having conflicts does not prevent you from presenting. The ASC is required by ACCME to resolve any conflicts of interest that arise; the following is the ASC’s procedure to resolve conflict of interest:

  • Full conflict of interest disclosures must be made by the faculty prior to the presentation.
  • The presentation must be unbiased.
  • No marketing or sales information should be distributed or discussed during the educational activity.
  • Responses to questions form the participants that could be viewed as “sales” or “marketing” should be deferred until after the session ends.
  • A review of your handout of your session by the Scientific Program Committee will be done to ensure an unbiased approach and objectivity of the presentation.
  • A member of the Scientific Program Committee will monitor the session to document that the above guidelines were followed.

We believe that implementing the above will help is achieve both of our goals: to provide the highest quality of continuing medical education to our membership, particularly about the latest advances in technology in our field; and comply with the rigorous standards of the ACCME regarding commerical support and education.

Any speaker with a conflict will be notified and asked to submit their presentation and/or handout prior to the normal due date, so that the Scientific Program Committee can review them.