2011 ASC Reimbursement Policy

This Reimbursement Policy has been established in order to establish consisten standards and guidelines thereby ensuring consisten and fair treatment for ASC  Annual Scientific Meeting Speakers and Participants. It is intended as a guide, both for those authorized to select speakers and participants, and for those who will seek reimbursement.

All Speakers:

Individual Session Details:

  • Special Awardees and Lectureships
    Leopold Koss Lectureship
    -  Papanicolaou Award
    -  Cytotechnoligist Award for Outstanding Achievement
    -  Excellence in Education Award
    -  Guest Speaker
  • Scientific Sessions (includes information for Moderators and Panelists)
  • Additional Session Formats
    Cytology Workshops
    -  Panel Luncheon Seminars
    -  Roundtable Discussions
    -  Video Microscopy Tutorials
    -  Challenges in Diagnostic Cytomorphology (formerly Special Course)
    -  Strategies in Cytology Education (formerly Program Faculty Seminar)
    **PLEASE NOTE: Lunch with the Professor and President Round sessions ARE NOT INCLUDED in this group for reimbursement. The ASC thanks this group of elite speakers for their service and dedication to the Society and has used their honorariums to fulfill creating an excellent educational program.
  • Additional Awards
    President’s Award
    -  Warren R. Lang Resident’s Paper
    -  Geno Saccamanno New Frontiers in Cytology Award
    -  Cytotechnologist Scientific Presentation Award
    -  Foundation Paper Award